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A house that is full of junk and rubbish isn’t livable. Imagine the rust, dust, mold & mildew, and grime that it has accumulated over the years. You still have to spend enough amount of time just to clean the area which can be difficult if you don’t have the liberty of time and energy.

Buschlick’s NYC Junk Removal is all you need if you are already tired of seeing them from your backyard, garage, and basement, or over the attic. Our expert will be there to help you get rid of that unwanted garbage. 

Some of the items that we can take are TVs, computers, radios furniture, appliances, microwave, refrigerator, couch, renovation debris, etc. Removing these old and worn-out items can surely provide your home the right space that you need. You can dispose of these items without any difficulties or issues. 

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Why Get Our Services?

No Need to Lift Heavy Furnaces

Buschlick’s NYC Junk Removal is the answer to your problem if you are not fond of lifting 
heavy furniture or appliances. Keep in mind that one of the major causes of a back injury in most people is by forcing themselves to lift heavy items. 

Getting our services can surely help you get rid of your rubbish easily and prevent any condition that can be dangerous. 

Our residential junk removal experts will be there to help you. We have the right methods and equipment on how to remove these items even the ones from your attic. They are proficient in making sure that these items are handled well.

Clean the Clutter Out

We will make sure that your area is clean and clutter-free. Whether you just recently moved or will move out to a new apartment or just done with home remodeling or just simply want to eradicate piles of clutter in your home, expect that Buschlick’s NYC Junk Removal is here to assist you. 

Save Effort and Money

If you have a busy household and work, cleaning and removing your old sofas or couch is the last thing that you are going to do. With Buschlick’s NYC Junk Removal, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. 

Remember that we are trained and have the right gear to make this possible. All you need to do is to do whatever you want to do and leave everything to our dedicated experts. Our professional will be there to help you eradicate rubbish effectively.

Eco-Friendly Junk Removal

We make sure that we are following the best residential junk removal techniques and practices in a way that it doesn’t just end up in the landfills. 

Buschlick’s NYC Junk Removal is dedicated to making sure that we comply with the environmental regulations from the five boroughs of NYC such as Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island. 

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us at 347-318-1695. Our agents will be glad to answer your queries or feedback. 

Let’s Get Your Junk Cleaned Up

Since we are serving all boroughs of NYC from Manhattan, The Bronx, Staten Island, Brooklyn to Queens, At Buschlick’s NYC Junk Removal, we are positive that we can help you clear your area from these unwanted junks. 


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